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Be the School of the 21st Century with "ZERO" investment.

We bring you the future of Education in India where Students learn the most in-demand skills and build solid employability possibilities.

Exclusive Partnership

Zero Investment

20% Increase in revenue


Our goal is to bring top professionals to help your students develop skills to pay their bills. 


Why You Should Partner with Us

Please Watch the Video Below. This Video will exactly show you how we help Schools to standout and build a phenomenal brand that stand outs in the crowd and helps you to transform your students life and in that process generate 10x more Revenue.

What We Achieved


Students Trained


Partnered School


Students Placed

Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 8.26.04 AM.png

Are you also just another school? Do you want to stand out of the crowd?

Today Education in India has become a lucrative business and that's the reason why there are more and more schools coming up every year. Now the major issue is the limited student size and the huge competition among them. 

But you can stand out? Why not become more than just a school? Why not a Skill-hub?

Yes, now you can stand out and outperform any school in that area and build your brand. Also in the process transform the lifestyle and career opportunities for your students.

All-round Growth

Get Competitive Edge

Be the change

Our Partner Schools 

Here are India's first-ever skill hubs that transformed their schools and adopted the Schooling 2.0 mechanism that helped them to become unique in the crowd of casual schools. Our Partners believed in us and at ZERO investment they can make new revenue streams and also dominate their locations.


What Our Clients Say

Skill based education is by far in demand .And we couldnot say no to it. Skillthatpays got us covered when it came to  linking skill based learning to career opportunities for our students.They have made sure that our students doesnot lack  skillset to find a job with an attractive package.Thanks Skillthatpays.

Bluebell School,


Our school needed someone to come in and bridge the gap of upskilling our students. It was skillthatpays that  unlocked new skills to future proof our learners career. I am glad that such young talents are focused to do something that is bringing a positive change in the country.

St.Teresa High School, Banglore

Education will make a student wise but skill prepare to face real world problems. Six months our students were into their Specific skill based  courses, a majority of them went highly passionate about it.When unemployment is a problem, skillthatpays is at the end of the tunnel waiting to nurture students with the require skillset. Great to be a part of skillthatpays.

Patwarilal English School, Bihar

See the Professional that we created

Here are the smiling faces of our students who cracked their job and got fantastic packages, Started their businesses, and have seen immense growth in their existing businesses. This revolution is not slowing down. and we are creating a new generation of youth in India.


Are you Ready to join the revolution and create a better India?

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