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Build Skills that Pays Your Bills

Learn from top professionals the most in-demand skills and be a part of the most Rewarding Digital Workforce.

Unlock your Potential

Flexibility learning 

Better Collaboration

Build with Industry Experts from top Companies.


Your Skill Shop

This is your Skill shop. Here you can explore all the in-demand skill training that we are providing both free and paid. Moreover, you can explore public communities and private communities. Explore yourself.

Marketing launchpad

Are you tired of boring basic and theoretical Digital Marketing Courses? Now you can learn marketing working in the real-world business with their team solving real-world problems. Now you are no longer a fresher but a PROFESSIONAL.

Optimized Advertising 101

Learn Advertising from experienced experts who was able to manage over 80 million dollars on advertising for Google, HDFC, KTM and 70+ Brands. Learn the practical strategies used to improve ROI and Budget optimisation for any Advertising campaign.

Mastery in Professional Worklife

You are skilled but do you know how you can optimise and work at your maximum potential in a collaborative environment? If you want learn exactly How Pro Professional mange their work in the team and improve their output. This course is very important to build your Professional career.

Explore our library of crazy offerings

Explore our great library of Free Courses where you can Where you can learn the some of the most crucial skills for free.

Get Access to well Structured resources that our Experts have curated for you.

Also our communities and Freebies.

What We Achieved


Students Trained


Partnered School


Students Placed

Built for Future Professionals, by Pro Professionals

This is India's First platform built by working professionals for the future upcoming professionals. Here you can learn skills that will make you efficient enough to earn a sustainable income. The mission behind skillthatpays is to make India a prominent player in the Digital Workforce of the world. We can create a difference and build a better future for the youth of India.

Here you learn not from teachers but from working Pro professionals who are working in top brands and sharing their practical learnings so don't miss the opportunity. 

All-round Growth

Project-based Learning

Build by Professionals

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Here are a few of the industry's best brands that work with us and we collaborate with them to bring you the best in the class learning experience and project that makes you ready for Real Worklife.


What Our Clients Say

Like any other final year students, I started to apply for jobs on Linkedin, and the list goes on but all attempt went in vein.In the midst of the job hunt process, I fortunately found Skillthatpays and took up the courses based on the reviews. Since then it was  a life changing decision .

Vani Gupta,


First of all, I would thank my brother to suggest  the best course in the planet. What a great journey it was with Skillthatpays.  Had I not take a brave decision to put my money into this course, I would have not been able to earn such a handsome income today

Rahul Yadav, Bihar

If I have to name one company that skills up students will be undoubtedly Skillthatpays. I cracked interview on first attempt itself just because Skillthatpays helped me to be skill-ready. Really glad to the whole team and my school for such a great opportunity.

Tilly Shah,

See the Professional that we created

Here are the smiling faces of our students who cracked their job and got fantastic packages, Started their businesses, and have seen immense growth in their existing businesses. This revolution is not slowing down. and we are creating a new generation of youth in India.


Are you Ready to turn your dreams into reality with SkillthatPay$?

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